Ukraine: Infrastructure and Facilities Damage Analysis Summary Izium City, Kharkivska oblast, February-August 2022

DISCLAIMER. This analysis only highlights destroyed and severely damaged facilities that are clearly visible on the high-resolution satellite image of Izium City and is not intended to cover all existing damages of city infrastructure.카지노사이트

Since the start of the Russian invasion on the 24 February 2022, Izium City (48,000 inhabitants), a settlement in south-eastern part of Kharkivska oblast, has suffered numerous damages to facilities and infrastructure. The most intensive destructions were caused during March onground battles for the city.

Ukraine regained control over Izium City in the beginning of September 2022. Local authorities reported that 80% of local infrastructure were damaged. Reported damage to utilities questions a capacity of Izium City to sustain heating supply facing an approaching winter.바카라사이트

To support the humanitarian response, IMPACT Initiatives has conducted an Infrastructure and Facilities Damage Analysis to estimate the degree of damage to essential services in Izium City. The analysis is based on recent high-resolution satellite imagery (acquired on 21 August, 2022).

In total, 102 non-residential facilities (31%) were found to be damaged in Izium City. More damaged facilities were detected in southern part of the settlement, on the right bank of Siverskyi Donets River: it was longer under onground hostilities in the beginning of spring 2022 than northern part of Izium City.

The highest relative damage was caused to industrial facilities and warehouses: 32 of them, or 54% of Izium respective infrastructure were damaged. As well, 44% of Izium educational (11 schools, kindergartens and college) facilities experienced the various degree of destructions.온라인카지노

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